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Find out how Salt Therapy can benefit You!  Experience Salt Therapy in one of our beautiful, relaxing, and therapeutic Salt Rooms.  Begin to Breathe, Relax, Refresh, and Heal your mind and body with Salt Therapy and begin to feel the benefits of Nature's Gift!  Salt Therapy is for Everyone!  Breathe Salt...Feel Better  (Approved by Tonia L. Farmer, M.D.  Ear, Nose, & Throat)

(Source: Take 5 with the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber, Boardman, OH)

(Source: Jeff Ondash (Out "n" About) at Salt Sensations Armstrong Cable, Boardman, OH)

Salt Sensations Salt Therapy in Boardman, OH !  Breathe Better, Feel Better, GET IN, GET SALT, GET GOING!

Dr. Tonia Farmer, M.D.  of the Lippy Group, Ohio's premier Ear, Nose, & Throat Specialists, talks about how & why Salt Therapy at Salt Sensations in Boardman, OH is a beneficial, natural addition to traditional medicine!

Published on Nov 17, 2016

WFMJ Today welcomes Dr. Farmer as she discusses the benefits of salt therapy. Dr. Farmer has teamed up with Salt Sensations in Boardman


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Salt Meditation at Salt Sensations Makes these Special Ladies feel Wonderful!

Salt Meditation at Salt Sensations Makes these Special Ladies feel Wonderful!

Meet Judy who come to Salt Therapy at Salt Sensations to get relief from Chronic Sinusitis!  Thank You Judy!

Meet Elizabeth, one of our regular Salt Therapy patrons who has Chronic COPD & Lung issues.  Regular Salt Therapy makes her feel better & allows her to enjoy life again.


Some of our FAVORITE Salt Sensations Salt Family Patrons!   We Love how SALT THERAPY makes ALL kids feel better while having fun!


Meet Jan:  One of our Many Salt Family Members who Benefits from Salt Therapy at Salt Sensations!  Thank You Jan!

San Clemente Times Featured Article: "Inside/Outside" Prizant Design & Salt Sensations

San Clemente News Article with Design Prizant


San Clemente Times Featured Article Refine Your Space  "Unique Spaces"  by Prizant Design  for Salt Sensations Salt Therapy Spa In Boardman, OH  San Clemente Times Inside/Outside Unique Spaces

(Source: San Clemente Times Inside/Outside June, 2016)



Salt Therapy Business Offers An Alternative Sensation! (Salt Sensations)


(Source: The Vindicator; Published: Sun, May 8, 2016 @ 12:05 a.m.)

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Salt Therapy And COPD

Some people have found salt therapy to be an effective option for relieving symptoms of lung disease, resulting in easier breathing.  Different treatments have proven to be successful for different patients.  Perhaps salt therapy is the right option for you.

(Source: The Lung Institute