Can salt therapy improve the wellness of your employees?

Can salt therapy improve the wellness of your employees?

The short answer to that question is yes, salt therapy is a holistic way to improve employee
wellness, and it can end up saving companies money in the long run! Business owners often
look for new ways to save money, while benefiting their company and the employees that
work there. Businesses around the country offer employee wellness programs with the
goal of keeping their employees healthy and in shape. Most do this by offering a gym
membership or weight loss incentive programs; however, the wellness of an employee
expands beyond exercise and eating healthy food. To be truly well, a person needs to be
healthy in their mind and body.

This is evidenced by two leading organizations in employee safety and wellness. The
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC), define total worker health as an employee wellness plan
that protects employees from harm on the job, and encourages employee health and overall

Salt therapy at Salt Sensations can help improve the overall wellness of an employee by
targeting each of these areas, and some benefits may surprise you. There are some obvious
situations where salt therapy can be a benefit. For example, salt therapy can help clear the
lungs and sinuses, and relieve allergies and chronic breathing conditions. For years, people
have known that salt air can help someone with asthma or breathing issues, but companies
can’t move their employees to the beach. Salt Sensations offers 45 minute salt therapy
sessions in salt rooms covered with 10,000 pounds of pure pink Himalayan salt! To
increase the benefit of salt therapy, we use Halogenerators in each salt therapy room to fill
the air with medical-grade salt.

Salt Sensations can also improve physical fitness in employees, with a class schedule
diverse enough to fit the needs of every employee. Our classes offer modifications to make
classes more accessible to those with limited mobility, or make the class more difficult for
those looking for a challenge. While employees are taking these classes they get two
benefits, the benefit of exercise and the benefits of salt therapy.
Benefits of salt therapy are wide-ranging, and impact parts of the body that most wouldn’t
even know to be possible. Regular salt therapy sessions at Salt Sensations can help relieve
symptoms of the common cold, ear infections and hay fever, which means less sick days
taken by employees! Salt therapy also kills bacteria on the skin, and can help clear painful
skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. Less sick days and happy, healthy employees
means more money for the company!

While salt therapy at Salt Sensations can improve physical ailments, it can also help
employees with internal issues. The Harvard Business Review published a study, saying
employees that report a low satisfaction with life, miss an average of 1.25 days of work per
month, compared to an employee that reports high satisfaction with life. That is a
difference of 15 days per year employees are calling off, simply because they feel unhappy.
Salt therapy can reduce anxiety and depression, and help employees focus their attention
on being well. Salt therapy allows people a time to unplug and relax, and truly focus on
themselves for that 45 minute salt therapy session.

Businesses show a strong ROI (return on investment) in the long-term from employee
wellness programs, but companies that invest in programs that take a holistic approach see
even more benefit! A holistic approach to wellness, focusing on an employee’s overall
wellness rather than just focusing on physical fitness, has shown to increase happiness and
productivity in the workplace.

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