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CHECK OUT OUR NEW Audio/Video Guided Meditation Oasis Salt Room Sessions

Included in this Salt Room Session is A Gentle Healing Touch Mini-Temple Massage Using Special Blends of Lightly Scented Organic Aromatherapy During This Unique Experience.

One of the following sessions will be featured during our
Salt Room Meditation Sessions on M-W-F at 12:00 Noon – 12:45 p.m.

*Guided Body Scan Meditation: Mindfulness Based Body Scan Relaxation and Awareness

This is an audio/video Salt Room Experience to invoke a live- trance exercise to promote internal health for mind-body health for mind-body healing. When done regularly, brings many positive benefits including physiological body stress release, improved immune system, more positive mental outlook, and calmer and more relaxed attitude

*Guided Meditation for Detachment from Over-Thinking

This Oasis Salt Room Mindfulness Meditation session is an audio-video experience designed as a form of mindfulness meditation with the intention to help you learn to create a state of your own relaxed, more observant quieter, calmer mind. The purpose of this is to release yourself from the chronic busyness of day to day excessive thinking often associated with depression, anxiety, and O.C.D., so you may positively benefit in all ways in mind, body, and spirit in your day to day life with more joy and happiness.

*Guided Oasis Salt Room Meditation for Detachment from Wants & Desires

This Oasis Salt Room Mindfulness Mediation Session is an audio-video experience that, at a core level helps us examine, mindfully, what drives us habitually, consciously or subconsciously, while trying to bring those wants that we carry from day to day to our conscience awareness without judgement and apply that awareness to those wants and desires that we carry each day that prevent us from enjoying what we have in the moment.

*Guided Mindfulness Meditation & Developing Loving Kindness and Compassion.

Practice Giving & Receiving Loving Kindness through this guided session.

This Oasis Salt Room Mindfulness Meditation Session is an audio-video experience that is all about developing your our own sense of loving kindness, compassion, and giving your very best sense of self and energy out into the world where it will in turn be given back to you; an ongoing process of giving and receiving which represents life’s journey in this universe.

SATURDAY YOGA & MEDIATION CLASSES TBA Watch for New Salt Room Mindful Meditation Sessions to be added.

*Changes & Cancellations may occur from time to time without notice. CLIENTS MUST BE 16 years or Older for ANY & ALL CLASSES, SPA, OR SALT SESSIONS. Our Younger Guests will need to call to schedule ahead for any spa service or salt therapy session and MUST be accompanied by an adult during any scheduled appointment. Both adults and children will be subject to the pricing rate for each and any service provided. Thank you for your understanding.